GMP Calc is not a calculator that can be easily overwhelmed. Enter as long and complex a formula as you like and it will provide an answer to the precision of your choice, the default is 10000 significant digits! Optimized for different CPU's, it will detect and automatically use the quickest libraries for your configuration. This applies to 64 bit operating systems only, 32 bit OS's will use slower generic libraries, so 64 bit is recommended.

GMP Calc will run on any Windows version, 32 or 64 bit, with .Net 2.0.

Download Windows x86/x64 installer here. (v1.3.0.1 updated 2017/12/06)

Download Source Code here.

Introducing HighGear

HighGear is a Client/Server software platform that will help your transport company run smoothly and efficiently like never before. From work order to dispatch to billing to payroll, topped off with a wide variety of useful reports, HighGear provides methods of simplifying the management of a transport company, even several transport companies.

Dispatchers will wonder where HG's been hiding, it's never been so simple! HG's drag & drop interface will make it a breeze, including for the less experienced dispatcher.

Fully customizable views and filters to suit the harshest of critics, you are in control of how you want to view and group your data, then save and share those views/filters, as many as you like, to show the data the way you need it, when you need it.

HighGear supports multiple companies under one roof, allowing each to share different legs of a job and handles the complexity of calculating each companies percentage of a work order with the use of PCMiler. The client would receive an invoice from only one company, but internally there would be what we call charge backs. This unique feature of HighGear can really simplify your operation if you have multiple companies.

Need special features? No problem, when necessary we'll do custom programming according to your needs, anything from special payroll codes to accounting practices, using either modules or programmed directly into your customized version of HighGear.

  • Dispatch

Full featured dispatch interface, easy to use drag & drop to build and edit trips, fully customizable views which can be saved, retrieved and shared amongst users.

  • Work order

Work order entry is a breeze, featuring drop down sortable grids instead of popups or regular combos.

Example drop down grid:

Container/Item detail entry:

  • Browsers

Various browsers using grouping grids allow you to group, sort and filter data any way you like, save and restore an unlimited amount of these views and share them between users.

  • Search

Fast searching:

  • Reports

Main screen showing the reports hover menu:

Select drivers or trucks to view/print cost analysis reports between given dates.

See the HighGear User Guide for a more detailed overview.

Call IntegriTech to setup a 60 day trial version at your location, which will be fully functional except for user logins, meaning the program will auto log everyone in with the same user id, so everyone will have the same rights which defaults to full administrator privileges but can be modified. The main requirement is an MS-SQL 2000 and up database server. Client PC's should be Windows 2000 and up, at least 1 GB memory recommended. SQL server location and shared attachment folder specified in ini file. Built in use of PCMiler would require purchase of PCMiler/Connect from ALK Technologies.