HighGear is a Client/Server software platform that will help your transport company run smoothly and efficiently like never before. From work order to dispatch to billing to payroll, topped off with a wide variety of useful reports, HighGear provides methods of simplifying the management of a transport company, even several transport companies.

Dispatchers will wonder where HG's been hiding, it's never been so simple! HG's drag & drop interface will make it a breeze, including for the less experienced dispatcher.

Fully customizable views and filters to suit the harshest of critics, you are in control of how you want to view and group your data, then save and share those views/filters, as many as you like, to show the data the way you need it, when you need it.

HighGear supports multiple companies under one roof, allowing each to share different legs of a job and handles the complexity of calculating each companies percentage of a work order with the use of PCMiler. The client would receive an invoice from only one company, but internally there would be what we call charge backs. This unique feature of HighGear can really simplify your operation if you have multiple companies.

Need special features? No problem, when necessary we'll do custom programming according to your needs, anything from special payroll codes to accounting practices, using either modules or programmed directly into your customized version of HighGear.

About us

IntegriTech is a software development company, specializing in the transport industry but not limited to it. Our first product, HighGear, was launched in 2010, which is a powerful C/S logistics program for trucking companies intended to make life easier for anyone who chooses it. Read more here.

We also provide consulting services for small to medium sized projects of just about any kind, just call or email us to find out if we can be of service. Expertise in .Net, C#, ObjC, VB, C++, PHP, put decades of experience to work for you.